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Support Social Studies Education in the Hudson Valley

We must remain vigilant in our support of advocacy efforts to retain quality social studies programs in New York State. There is statewide concern among social studies educators that the focus on Common Core skills in other areas has marginalized state support for the unique disciplines within the social studies curriculum. Membership in a regional organization such as MHSSC strengthens our voice and exerts pressure on elected officials.

This year in particular, please consider not only joining but becoming an active member by attending some of our meetings or volunteering to help with events. If you are interested in being a member, please click the link below.

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By joining you will be gaining the following:

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  2. Regular updates on SED, NYSCSS and NCSS news through our workshops and links on Facebook and our web site

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  4. Information regarding scholarships, grants, professional development and teaching awards.

  5. Opportunities to network with other professionals