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Mission Statement

The Mid Hudson Social Studies Council is a educational non-profit organization. It is affiliated with the New York State Council for the Social Studies (NYSCSS). We provide our members with at least two educational and/or informational workshops per year. We also keep members informed about what is happening on the state level with regard to Social Studies programs.

The Executive Board meets to plan for conferences and events. A newsletter, The Packet, provides our membership with lesson plans, book reviews, institutes and workshops for their professional use.

U.S. History Teachers - Check out this exciting opportunity from the Hudson Valley Writing Project

Dear middle and high school US history teachers,

We are looking for additional teacher collaborators to join our Learning through Doing: Project-Based Learning in US History book project. This book project, like the Teaching US History and Teaching Global History projects we did that culminated in our books Teaching US History (Routledge Press, 2010) and Teaching Recent Global History (Routledge Press, 2014), will involve teachers and teacher educators working in collaboration with one another to design, teach, and evaluate project-based units centered on key topics in US history.

We follow "gold standard" approaches to PBL to make our units standards-based, differentiated for a wide range of learners, internally and externally authentic, and highly engaging and meaningful to adolescents and early adolescents. We have experience working with teachers in schools across the United States and especially welcome teachers to our project who work in Title I schools with students who are eligible for free and reduced lunch. Because this project particularly focuses on using project-based learning to teach diverse learners, we are especially eager for teachers to collaborate with us who have sizeable numbers of students with IEPs and 504s or who are emergent bilinguals. We welcome teachers working with Advanced Placement (based on grade or AP for all), general education, co-taught, and self-contained classes in public and public charter schools.

Teacher collaborators will work with us to finish crafting the PBL units, most of which have already been designed and taught by teachers but all of which need additional fine-tuning and fleshing out. There is the opportunity in this project for teachers to take on leading roles in curriculum design as well as implementation and also to help co-author chapters in the book we publish with Routledge Press.

This book, similar to our US and Recent Global History books, will be used in Social Studies classes for pre- and in-service teachers as well as in Methods classes and regular college-level history classes. Working on this project can be a really exciting way to play a role in showing how effectively middle and high school students (as well as college students) learn through project-based learning methods. This is also a great chance for you to work collaboratively with other teachers to plan a great unit or units to teach in your own US history classrooms.

We invite teachers to join us for up to two of any of the following topic-based chapters:

  • The 13 Colonies

  • The American Revolution

  • Slavers, Enslaved People, and the Institution of Slavery

  • Westward Expansion/Indian Removal

  • Industrialization

  • The Progressive Era

  • The Great Depression

  • Conformity and Nonconformity in post-WWII America

  • Pandemics in 20th and 21st century American Life

Please email us at dt23@nyu.edu and smb278@nyu.edu or "reply all" to this email if you are interested in being part of this curriculum/book project or if you would like further information. We ask that all collaborators have at least one full year of teaching experience.

Kindly circulate this announcement to friends and colleagues who may be interested.

Thank you,

Diana Turk and Stacie Brensilver Berman, project directors

Fellow Colleagues,

In this trying time, we must look to support one another. We are attaching a Google Spread Sheet of online resources teachers can access as we move to virtual learning for the moment. If you have any great resources you would like to share, please email newsletter1@midhudsonsocialstudies.org and we will add them to the spreadsheet.

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