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Mission Statement

The Mid Hudson Social Studies Council is a educational non-profit organization. It is affiliated with the New York State Council for the Social Studies (NYSCSS). We provide our members with at least two educational and/or informational workshops per year. We also keep members informed about what is happening on the state level with regard to Social Studies programs.

The Executive Board meets to plan for conferences and events. A newsletter, The Packet, provides our membership with lesson plans, book reviews, institutes and workshops for their professional use.

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Stop the Hate Challenge 2021

The ORANGE COUNTY STOP THE HATE contest was established by the Jewish Federation of Greater Orange County to promote tolerance and understanding through education. Joining us in this mission is the Orange County Human Rights Commission. A $200 cash prize will be awarded to the winning essay from grades 7-9 and grades 10-12. In addition a $100 prize will be awarded to each of the teachers of the winning students.


PROMPT: The challenge of our past remains the challenge of our future

Violence and prejudice are preventable. They are learned attitudes and behaviors. Neither is uncontrollable nor inevitable. It is possible to create and maintain the kinds of conditions in which violence and prejudice are not learned in the first place. Youth and adults can intervene to prevent hate-related violence in the lives of young people.

Historical Context: Throughout world history groups have risen up to scapegoat minorities and blame them for their economic and social status. As a result, unthinkable acts of violence, murder and destruction have been perpetrated on many minority groups across the world.


  • Choose a hate group from either world or US history.

  • In an essay, a poem, or a song, give an example of one hate group from either world, or US history past or present and how that hate group harmed society.

  • Follow it up with specific suggestions of how society can heal the hate that seems to be resurgent in America today.

  • You may consider why hate groups predominantly target people of color, immigrants or those who believe in a different religion, and blame them for social and economic problems.

This is not a book report. Judges are interested in your personal reflections of the events and the individuals you have chosen.

1. Writers must be residents of Orange County, students in grades 7-12 currently attending public or private or being home schooled.

2. The maximum word count for essays is 1,000 words for grades 7-9, and 1,500 words for grades 10-12.

3. Podcast, Song or PSA: Please submit a podcast, song or PSA no longer than 5 minutes

4. All submissions must (1) have a title, (2) be typed, and (3) be double-spaced. Attach your submission to the entrance form filled out completely. Do not write your name or the name of your school on your submission. You may submit a poem of any length or an audio file of a song.

5. If mailing, submit your completed entry form along with the essay NO LATER THAN March 26th via USPS to:


The Jewish Federation of Greater Orange County, NY

292 North Street, Newburgh, New York 12550

See this website for more information The Jewish Federation

Fellow Colleagues,

In this trying time, we must look to support one another. We are attaching a Google Spread Sheet of online resources teachers can access as we move to virtual learning for the moment. If you have any great resources you would like to share, please email newsletter1@midhudsonsocialstudies.org and we will add them to the spreadsheet.

Online Instructional Resources for Social Studies